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Breathe Easier

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The pollution of the environment outside is a growing concern, but so too is the air we breathe inside our homes. On average we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, and statistics from the EPA state that indoor air pollution is often 6-12times worse than outside. After decluttering for spring cleaning, consider going green with your cleaners.

Most are available at most stores and you can also make your own. Be sure to read labels as some products are greenwashing and not as green as they can be. Here are some on line resources.


Julie Seibert Moderating Live Online Workshop on How to Find Your Passion

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Reawaken Your Brilliance host Julie Seibert announced the June 18th Get Off the Couch! body, mind & spirit workshop will be on how to find your passion with a promotional price of only $20!

Julie Seibert says, “Are you a clock watcher?  Do you dread Monday mornings?  Do you cross off the days on your calendar? Were you passionate once but that’s changed & your struggling to find that excitement again? Think you cannot make a living doing what you love? Are you planning to follow your dreams “someday” or is your life slipping away?  I can ask these questions because I have been there myself.  I want people to learn how to follow their passion!

Seibert continues, “Finding your true passion is about following you heart.  What’s preventing you from following yours?  Learn where you are blocked and how to move beyond to create your passion.  This workshop will help you get unstuck and move forward in fulfilling your dreams.”

This online workshop features:


·     SEE (not just hear) from the comfort of your home/office

·     INTERACT Ask, chat or Skype a question to our experts

·     REVIEW the workshop as much as you want for a week

·     LEARN three different perspectives on how to Find Your Passion

Join three passionate, prosperous, authentic experts, who have helped thousands change their lives by teaching them how to discover what they truly love and want to do.  During this interactive class, discover easy, life changing, tools on how you can reconnect and live your passion every day.

One person will win Lisa Transcendence Brown’s video course (Value $333)You can also view almost 100 FREE interviews on Reawaken Your Brilliance—with people you’ll want to hear from: Bruce Lipton, the Fly Lady, Vincent Genna, Sunny Dawn Johnston & much much more!

For more information and to register for the event, please visit:

Seibert created the Get Off the Couch! series because she wanted to create personal development events to allow for people to have a more interactive experience.  “I have been fortunate enough to interviewed amazing body, mind and spirit practioners; I wanted to create personal development workshops where people could learn more in depth about a topic and make real changes to their lives.”

Julie Seibert’s Reawaken Your Brilliance Get off the Couch! series is sponsored by Delta Force Technologies.

Julie Seibert can be reached at 919-559-3925 or

About Reawaken Your Brilliance Get Off the Couch! Series

The Get off the Couch! Series provides quality body, mind & spirit online and live streaming events and workshops as well as local events in Raleigh, North Carolina.  All panel members are personally selected for quality, ethics, education value and speaking skills. Panelists range in a variety of Healing & Alternative therapies for spiritual development.  You will come away with tools for self-help, personal growth and personal development to help you on your journey to a healthier and happier you.

About Reawaken Your Brilliance

Reawaken Your Brilliance is a free weekly internet TV and radio show based in Raleigh, NC, that airs Wednesdays 9-10 PM EST.  The internet TV and spiritual radio show features body, mind and spirit experts who show you alternatives for personal growth and spiritual development. Host Julie Seibert talks with a variety of personal development experts. Guests include The Fly Lady, Peter Walsh, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Vincent Genna and Angela Beyer Coulter.

Eco-Organizing: Another Excuse to Hold onto Trash?

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Someone asked me if being green in organizing was simply another excuse to hold onto trash and keep clutter.  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

There was an article in the N & O a few years ago about an artist who makes art from stuff people want to throw away.  Some people might see it as junk, but this man has chosen to make something artistic out of it. I am not a big fan of modern art, so I can see how people wouldn’t appreciate what he has created.  Alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

So many times when I see organizing or cleaning shows on TV I see all of this good stuff just being chucked into a container to be dumped at a landfill later.  Eco-organizing is about recycling what you can according to your local laws; reusing items that are in good condition; donating items, such as clothes, that can be used by someone else.  There are many alternatives out there (freecyle/Craigs List, etc.) for you to give to someone else instead of simply pitching. I prefer to think of it as organizing and letting go of clutter responsibly.

It is not healthy for anyone to hold onto too much stuff, even if they want to be green; I help clients find alternatives to letting go of items so they can feel good about letting go.  To learn more about my eco-organizing code of ethics go here:



Groovy Lovin’

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Lovin what you have and not taking home something you don’t need; here are some questions to ask yourself before making that purchase!


Online Interactive Workshop on How to Stop Procrastination

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To register: Save $5 with CODE RYBProNo

Tuesday, May 14th, 7-9 PM   I will be moderating this panel!

  • Are you losing money because you haven’t gotten around to joining your company’s matching contribution retirement program?
  • Do you get sick often because you are always doing everything at the last minute exhausting yourself?
  • Are you following your passion or are you planning to do it “someday”?
  • Do you need to lose weight but put off going to the gym or cooking healthy meals?
  • Are you stressed in your marriage because your spouse doesn’t finish projects or pay bills on time?
  • Do your co workers resent you because you aren’t completing your projects on time?  

Procrastination is more than a bad habit; it can hurt your health, career, finances, and even your relationships. Plus, people who procrastinate tend to engage in bad habits, like binge drinking, overeating, and abusing drugs.

HOWEVER, it is possible to overcome procrastination! Discover the keys to live a more productive, happy and healthy life with wisdom fromthree OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION experts, who have helped thousands enhance the quality of their lives by teaching them how to tackle pesky postponing and overcome perceived obstacles. During this program, they will share their expertise and insights on how to stop dragging your feet and get motivated!
Psychologist Susan Orenstein shares, “Procrastination is one of the most common causes of stress, interfering with your productivity and peace of mind, but until you can identify what and why you’re putting something off, it’s hard to change.”  In this seminar, Susan will show you how to identify your specific procrastination traps and then provide powerful tips to set you free.  You won’t want to put this opportunity off!
Professional Organizer Geralin Thomas works with procrastinators and knows the typical reasons why many tasks remain unfinished, items purchased remain unopened and unused, and *stuff* sits buried in closets, cabinets and drawers – – untouched. It’s not about the stuff, it’s about getting to the stuff and getting stuff done.  Thomas believes that, procrastination is not a destination; it’s more about motivation and education. Listen in as she shares tips she uses to motivate underwhelmed and overwhelmed clients who are procrastinating.
“When you understand what procrastination really is, you’ll quit beating up on yourself for it. It is not a character flaw, it’s an adaptation you’ve made to try and regain your energy autonomy!” states Author and Spiritual Growth Facilitator Julia Rogers Hamrick. She’ll give you a new perspective on why you put things off, show you what to do when you find yourself resisting doing something you need to do, and offer you some strategies for shifting out of procrastination and into productivity with ease. She explains, “Procrastination doesn’t exist in Easy World, the world that Love creates.”

THIS EVENT IS A LIVE, INTERACTIVE CLASS VIA SKYPE YOU WATCH ON YOUR COMPUTER OR SMART PHONE. You will be able to call or chat in questions after each guest and at the end.  CAN’T MAKE IT LIVE? Workshop will be recorded & available to view up to 7 days after the event.

Our Panel of Experts include:

Susan Orenstein ( is a licensed psychologist and the founder of Orenstein Solutions, a group psychology practice in Cary, NC dedicated to the emotional well being of individuals and their entire family. Dr. Orenstein received her Bachelor’s Degree from Brown University, Master’s Degree from Georgia State University, and Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology at Temple University. She has pursued advanced training in marital therapy, couples communication and family mediation, and is a certified PAIRS instructor. She is listed on the registry for “marriage friendly therapists,” which lists therapists committed to supporting to viability of troubled marriages.  Susan is also an Adjunct Faculty Member with the Center For Creative Leadership (CCL), where she provides feedback coaching to business managers and executives. She enjoys helping her clients be more productive and less stressed by learning tools to overcome procrastination.

Geralin Thomas ( is a Certified Professional Organizer/Chronic Disorganization and a Level 5 Master Trainer but her true superpowers are her warmth and humor, which are useful when working with clients and coaching new organizers. Geralin enjoys sharing the marvels of organizing on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest as well as on her blog, Managing Modern Life.  A Tarheel fan and graduate from UNC Chapel Hill, Geralin makes her home in Cary, North Carolina. She’s a Past President of the North Carolina Chapter of National Association of Professional Organizers and if she looks vaguely familiar, perhaps you know her from A&E TV’s Emmy-nominated show, Hoarders.

Julia Rogers Hamrick( author of Choosing Easy World and the Easy World Magic Lessons series, has been a spiritual growth facilitator since the mid-1980s and is a pioneer in teaching that our vibrational frequency determines our experience of life. In a whisper from the Divine in 2007, Julia was given the mission to share with humanity that the difficult world they’re experiencing is not the only world available to them and that a realm of ease, “Easy World,” is always available. Julia is devoted to helping humanity learn to access Easy World, the primordial reality in which we were designed to thrive, for lives of greater joy, peace and fulfillment.



Rediscover Your Home!

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For more information & to register:

What does your house or home say about you?  What do you want it to say?

As the real estate industry continues to recover, more and more people aren’t “moving up”, but staying put and improving their homes on their own.  By decluttering, organizing and learning some design and decorating basics, you can create a brand new home!


Join us to learn the basic principles on how to get organized.  Clearing space and making way for what you want in life is an important first step in getting organized.  Has being disorganized cost you time, money or peace of mind? 

•The average American has 2-5 K worth of usable stuff collecting dust while carrying 10K+ in credit card debt;
•Over 85% of couples say they argue about clutter and disorganization;
•According to professional cleaners 40% of housework would be eliminated by cutting excess clutter;
•Crisis purchases could account for 15-20% of household budgets: buying duplicates, last minute shopping trips, etc.
•Depression can cause clutter and clutter can cause depression. There has been a 400% increase in the rate of antidepressant use among Americans since the late 80s.



Now that your space is clutter free and organized, it’s time to have fun!

  • Do have a favorite chair but can’t find the right fabric to reupholster it?
  • What about that new area rug? Are you stumped as to how you can pull the color palette together for the entire room?
  • Do you already have lots of great pieces, but are frustrated with room layout?
  • Fallen in love with a granite pattern, but no idea what finish or style to use for the cabinets?

Learn design basics to help you pull your home together and create your dream space!
Use basic tips and learn how to “build” a color palette starting with one inspiration piece.


Log In, Password & Page will be given to you the day before the workshop.  Can’t make it live? Class will be recorded and you will have up to 7 days to watch and learn!

About Us:

Julie Seibert ( is the owner of Healing through Organization. She was the first professional organizer in the state of North Carolina that specialized in green for home and business. Julie’s vision is a more sustainable world created through peaceful, joyful, inspirational, organized spaces for living and work. She was awarded the 2011 NAPO Los Angeles Award: Green Award for Most Eco-Friendly Organizing Service and the 2011 Triangle Business Journal’s Green Entrepreneurial Effort/Innovative Idea of the Year Honorable Mention Winner.

KathyLynn Gariboldi ( is the Owner and Lead Designer of Reinvented Spaces.  She enjoys a wonderful reputation for creating amazing, functional rooms with special finishing touches. Color Palette Definition, Furniture Staging, Room Makeovers, Interior Design and Accessorizing are among the services that have transformed homes in North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas and Georgia. Her services and related products have made kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms, living rooms and bonus rooms come alive.



Organizing Products

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Geralin Thomas of Metropolitan Organizing offers some really great products to help you get organized. She is a great resource if you want to be a professional organizer; are a professional organizer and are looking for tips; or just need some organizing knowledge!

Here are some of her products; check out her site for much more!

Public Speaking Kit:
Bilingual Housekeeping Instructions:
Wardrobe Wisdom: